After #MCO: What’s Next?

The adventurer in you is raring to go off to another expedition, somewhere.

Look no further than in our own backyard. The majestic Mt Kinabalu in Sabah has always been a popular destination for climbers and  adventurers from the world over!

Mt Kinabalu has The World’s Highest and Asia First Via Ferrata!
Now that’s something to brag about!

If you seek adventure, Scroll on!

Tip 01

Let’s Get Fit!

The many months under the #MCO has made everyone put off their usual fitness regime.

It is recommended for all potential Via Ferrata participants get in shape for the activities. Work your physical fitness levels up gradually to build strength and endurance. You will need it!

Climbing up a mountain can never be underestimated.
We cannot emphasize this enough!

Tip 02

Which Via Ferrata Activity?

Doing the Via Ferrata with friends or loved ones can be so much more fun with people you know. Gather your pals and have an adventure to remember!

Find out which Via Ferrata activity is best suited for your group. Visit our Via Ferrata page to see what each activity entails.

You can always contact our friendly staff who will be more than willing to assist you on such matters. You can reach them by filling up our contact form!

Via Ferrata Routes

Tip 03

Plan & Prepare Ahead!

With everything in life, preparation is key to any successful activity. Be sure to check our Preparation pages

Everything from pre-climb information to the recommended clothing to wear and bring during the climb.

Once you are done with the tips we shared, it’s now time to create unforgettable memories.

Oh yeah. Bring Courage!


Why Via Ferrata?

The #MCO has been lifted. You’ve been indoors for the last 2 months!

Here’s why we think Via Ferrata may be what you need!

  • Gets you back Outdoors

  • Crisp Fresh Mountain Air

  • Puts the adventurous spirit back in you

  • Stay in an Alpine styled hut for a night or two

  • Stand Above The Clouds

  • Experience the beauty of Nature

  • See Malaysia from its highest peak!