Summit Route

Panar Laban Rockface

South Peak 3933m

St John's Peak 4090m

Low's Peak 4095m

Ugly Sisters

Sayat Sayat Hut

Low's Peak Circuit


Walk the Torq


Nepalese Bridge

Rogimut Ladder

Low’s Peak Circuit

  1. Via Ferrata – Here, you start off your journey after safety checks and a briefing by our trainers.
  2. Nepalese Bridge – This amazing bridge not only gives you goosebumps as you try to get on it but the view from it is amazingly rewarding! Simply breathtaking!
  3. 3-Wire Bridge – Test your balancing skills in high altitude as you cross this challenging bridge.
  4. Cocker Range View – The view from Panar Laban rock face is simply magnificent from all points of the Via Ferrata. On a clear day, you see miles and miles of green making it a perfect backdrop for your picture!

Walk The Torq

  1. Via Ferrata – Walk the Torq route brings you down the rock face of Panar Laban rockface
  2. Two-wire Cable Bridge – Hang on tight as you cross this wobbly bridge made up of only two wires!
  3. Rogimut Ladder – Test your mettle to hoist yourself up as you meet our Rogimut Ladder (named after the Rogimut berries you can find here!)

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