2 Days 1 Night Walk the Torq

For those who do not have enough time but are fit, suitable for ages 10 and up

DAY 1    

08.00 am

  • Arrive at Kinabalu Park HQ. (It takes about 1hr 45 min from Kota Kinabalu to the Park HQ)
  • Pre-check in at Mountain Torq’s Kinabalu Park office for verification with photo ID.
  • Head over to Sabah Parks’ Operation Counter for registration and payment. Meet your appointed Sabah Parks’ mountain guide

08.30 am

  • Start hiking up Mt Kinabalu from Timpohon Gate @ 1,866m

03.00 pm

  • Arrive at Pendant Hut @ 3,289m and settle in

03.30 pm

  • Get acquainted with Mountain Torq’s via ferrata trainers and attend the mandatory via ferrata safety briefing

06.00 pm

  • Dinner at Laban Rata’s restaurant

08.00 pm

  • Lights out

DAY 2    

01.30 am

  • Wake up and have your early morning supper at Pendant Hut

02.30 am

  • Start hiking up to the summit with your Sabah Parks’ mountain guide

05.40 am

  • Catch the sunrise on Low’s Peak

06.00 am

  • Descend from Low’s Peak to meet your Mountain Torq’s Trainer

07.15 am

  • Meet your via ferrata trainer at Sayat Sayat Hut @ 3,668m for your Walk the Torq via ferrata experience (introductory via ferrata, French grade PD)

09.30 am

  • Arrive at Pendant Hut for a well earned breakfast

11.00 am

  • Check out of Pendant Hut & descend to Timpohon Gate with your Sabah Parks’ mountain guide

04.00 pm

  • Arrive at Timpohon Gate. You may drop by at Mountain Torq’s Kinabalu Park office to collect your well deserved certificates and purchase some souvenirs to bring home.