About Mountain Torq .

Mountain Torq manages the world’s highest Via Ferrata located in a UNESCO World Heritage site, Mt Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. As South East Asia’s first mountaineering training centre, Mountain Torq also offers activities such as sports and rock climbing, rappelling and mountaineering skills courses. Since its inception in 2007, Mountain Torq has been a champion of adventure and mountaineering activities in South East Asia. Who makes up Mountain Torq?

The Mountain Torq team is a group of dedicated and passionate outdoor enthusiasts who came together to bring the excitement of mountaineering activities to people of all ages. We are fun-loving, nature-loving and quite simply, obsessed with the outdoors. There’s never a dull moment on the mountains. As qualified mountain climbers and educators ourselves, safety is our utmost priority and so is personal responsibility. That is why we believe in providing you with the skills, knowledge and opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors safely and responsibly. Of course, nothing thrills us more than to see the confidence you have in us, being instilled in you. Happy climbing!