Even if you have climbed Mt Kinabalu before, you really need to climb it again just so that you can attempt the Low’s Peak Circuit! Traversing the mountain in this manner means that you get to see an entirely different and immensely beautiful side of the plateau that the current summit trail will never reveal to you.


At 3,521m asl, this initiation route is designed with the beginner in mind. It is a leisurely 2–3 hour route, and a shorter commitment than that of the Low’s Peak Circuit. If you feel that you want a little taste of the Via Ferrata experience but do not wish to expend too much energy on it (you still have to climb back down the mountain, after all!), the Walk the Torq route would be best for you.

Pendant Hut @ 3,289m a.s.l.

Mountain Torq provides simply furnished sleeping quarters at its two huts on Mt Kinabalu, which have been specially reserved for our guests. Pendant Hut is also the location of our Mountain Top Sales Office and where our MANDATORY pre-activity briefings are held BETWEEN 3PM and 4PM DAILY Check in time : 2pm to 4pm Check out time : before 12:00pm

Low's Peak

Low’s Peak
4,095.2m or 13,435.7ft above sea level